Dr. Stewart, his assistant and all the office staff are great! Its a very positive experience and everything always goes well. If you're looking for a vet in Palm Coast, Safe Haven Vetinery is the one.
Daniel King Avatar
Daniel King
We've just moved up in the area and as we moved up we had to have our dog looked at immediately and Safe Haven made an appointment within the first week of us moving to Palm Coast. Dr Puckett and her staff are extremely kind and empathetic. Our dogs mean the world to us and they take great care. Thank you so much Chris and Marie Cartwright
Chris Cartwright Avatar
Chris Cartwright
Great veterinarian clinic. Very professional staff and Dr Stuart helped my dog feel better. We are very grateful.
Smile Always Avatar
Smile Always
Safe Haven is just the absolute best! From the front desk to the vet tech to the amazing Dr. Stuart and finally the check out desk, everyone is just wonderful! They see all 3 of our pups! Wouldn’t want to go anywhere else!!
Amy J Avatar
Amy J
Dr Puckett and assistant are so kind and patient. Our spoiled cat is getting crabby as she gets older, they take it in stride. Excellent care.
Elizabeth Troxell Avatar
Elizabeth Troxell
Dr. Puckett is an amazing vet and the entire staff is always friendly and so helpful. Everyone is always smiling. The office is always clean and the patient rooms are clean. They truly care about our two dogs and they are not just a number like at other vets. Dr. P recently did a pretty major surgery on my older boy's head and she did such an amazing job with the stitches and keeping his colors all lined up. They checked in often on him after the surgery too, and i just feel like you don't get that anywhere else. I've been coming to them for several years, as does my mom with her 3 dogs. I am always sending people their way and raving about how great the staff is. I have had several other vet experiences before and I've never had one as good as safe haven. 10/10 recommended.
Jessica Otaviano Avatar
Jessica Otaviano
As it is for many of you my doggo Sammy is family. I love him more than life itself. That being said there is no veterinary clinic I trust more than Safe Haven. Their number one goal is treating my boy and making him better. They handle him as if he was their own. I have never gotten the feeling how much they can charge you is a concern. A feeling I've had at other places unfortunately. If you are considering trying Safe Haven, looking for a new Vet or don't know where to bring the puppy who just came in to your life as someone who would give his own life for his doggo I can say with all honesty Safe Haven is where you want to go.
George Stockley Avatar
George Stockley
Very professional and caring, they were able to get my pup in quickly when she needed treatment. My pups love it there !!!
Denise Flagg Avatar
Denise Flagg
The best veterinary clinic in the city, which employs highly professional, caring and friendly specialists.
Grand Neva Star Cattery Avatar
Grand Neva Star Cattery
Safe Haven always takes care of our pups. They always make sure to listen to what our issues are and are ready to help make our pups feel better. Definitely a caring veterinary practice. Everyone is so sweet and helpful. Thanks Safe Haven for taking care of our furry family members.
Night Raven Avatar
Night Raven
Great experience, keep up the good work
Julie S Avatar
Julie S
Dr Stuart and his team have been the best for newly adopted cat Samson. First visit for Samson and he never even uttered a MEOW while being examined and given shots
Mike Grieco Avatar
Mike Grieco
Safe Haven is the best! Dr Stuart and all the staff are always pleasant and welcoming. Prices are very reasonable.
Jane Stevens Avatar
Jane Stevens
Promt and attentive. Our two dogs seem to enjoy their experiences. Very friendly staff. We have been with them for the last three years.
William Myers Avatar
William Myers
Safe Haven has been our veterinarian for almost 18 years. They have taken amazing care of all my fur babies that I have had I would recommend Safe Haven to anyone looking for a good veterinarian. The staff is amazing and they treat everyone like family. It is a loving and warm environment. Dr. Puckett treats your fur babies like a pediatrician would treat your child. I rates Safe Haven a 10+ and I thank them from the bottom of my heart for all they have done for my fur babies.
Gabriella Quadara Avatar
Gabriella Quadara
Safe Haven is the best. Very friendly staff and helpful! Dr Stuart took very good care of my dog!
Lissette Gonzalez Avatar
Lissette Gonzalez
Dr. Stuart and Dr. Puckett have cared for our furry family for almost 20 years giving excellent compassionate care. The entire Staff is dedicated to this compassionate care. Thank you
Gene Earley Avatar
Gene Earley
Had a wonderful visit with my King Charles Cavalier Spaniel today! The staff and Dr Stuart were wonderful! Thankful to have found them!
Sheryl White Avatar
Sheryl White